Holiday time — 19 Comments

  1. Jimmy Denihan to San Francisco -prefarance??(nudge,nudge,wink,win.say no more guv,saay no more)

    Ciaran Cannon to Romania-I hope the Roma kidnap the fucker because we won't pay any ransom

  2. Vietnam – Kathleen Lynch????

    What the blue fuck did she go there for?

    Very strange…….


  3. I'm gratified to see that none of them are being paid to come here to Greece. Reilly in particular. He'd get short shrift here – this is smoker country! 🙂

    • They value their health.  All that smoke flying around the place – it's a wonder anyone is alive.

  4. Does anyone know of a really good reliable ]and inexpensive] assassin/hitman in either Boston or Cleveland?  Preferably a smoker?

    • Not personally,but my kid brother live in garfield heights for a few years and has ,to put it mildly,an "eclectic" array of acquaintances in said city.I must pick his brains.(I'd say you could get a good employee for the price of a bottle of black bush)

      • Brianf,do you mean a picture of my brother Reilly (who looks like an ex military man ) or the other reilly(who looks like an obese politician with a beard) ?

  5. Welcome to the club.  It looks like Phil and Alan got the best and worst respectively.  🙂

  6. Lebanon?! Who the fuck celebrates Paddy's Day in Lebanon?!!!!! I've got this picture in my head now of Hezbollah warlords cruising round Beirut's main streets in open top jeeps wearing oversized green hats and trading in their AK-47s for inflatable tricoloured hammers.

    Mind you, it's an awful pity they didn't send Shatter there. He would've blended in there nicely 😀

  7. For all those Irish politicians traveling to somewhere in the US…

    …how many of 'em do you want back? (I can also offer you a special rate for the one going to Mexico)

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