I made it

I remember when I first heard this.

It was back in '67 and it amused me as it was about an impossibly old age.  It was so far in the future that I could safely forget about it as it would never happen.

It has happened.

They're wrong about the hair though.  That is still [more or less] intact.

Where the fuck did the time go?

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I made it — 16 Comments

  1. RE ' where did the time go'    We are all on the slippery slope….going faster and faster …….'till one day WHeeeee…..we have gone off the end………

  2. Thanks, everyone.  If it is any consolation, I have no immediate plans to shuffle off this mortal coil, so I hope to be around for a few more yet…..

  3. I know al already told you Happy Birthday but I'll add that I'm glad you're still around. By the way, does she still feed you and all that?

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