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  1. Eerily similar to the rollout of Obamacare-which is an unmitigated disaster area for any average American worker.

  2. Looks like your gubmint is going the way pioneered by the English "was once a Health Service".  After a short period of ill health and whilst taking Warfarin, I awoke one morning to a massive nose bleed which would not stop.  Called the doctor, told to call an ambulance.  They arrived, bandaged the nose and told me to go to our local A&E hospital.  Arrived at 8.00pm, was seen by a nurse, and then parked in a waiting area until finally noticed at 16.30.

    Moved to a screened cubicle, was again ignored until 18.30, when the bandages started to leak.  When the sister finally noticed that I was profusely bleeding on their floor, she panicked and called for a cleaning team, then eventually found someone to attend to my problem. Notice blood on floor takes precedence over actual treatment.

    Result: three days in hospital having blood transfusions to replace that lost while they buggered about.  National Health Service?  God help us all.

    Good luck with your wonderful new system, and its ability to raise even more taxes for congenital idiots to spend on ever more restrictive directives.

    • Well hope your not aged m8, saw today there going to stop giving "ahem" older residents of the UK life saving drugs etc to keep us alive, because we've all had a good innings and should just shut up and die.  Save the childreeeen is the cry now, they've got more taxing revenue in them.

  3. The asylum has definitely been unlocked.


    “The case is made that if you have a very small fee it helps people manage their behaviour or manage their attendance.”

    • Anyways I thought you fuckers were skint!

      27 ministers to visit 23 countries for St Patrick’s Day

      Ministers and junior ministers attending events in 35 cities across the world

      • Bill,when those fucking pricks said we are skint,they meant "we the people are skint".As with every scumsucking low life politician worldwide they themselves are immune.

        • Joe
          I get it. Tongue was firmly in cheek when I posted the second comment.
          Could their passports be revoked whilst they are abroad?

          Or is there any chance of a peoples coup whilst the parasites are on their  jollies?

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