Not so fondue of the Swiss — 13 Comments

  1. Seems like a good opportunity for the Swiss to tell the EU to fuck off altogether. Like we should do. But we all know it won't happen.

  2. Bang on Grandad, and if they are still annoying this here EU  then we'll ban them, restrict their movements, de-normalise the bastards until they do what they're told and like it.

    • There is only One Way and that is the EU Way.  There shall be no arguments for the Righteous are always, well, right.  Everyone else is wrong and shall be punished accordingly

  3. 50.3 % of 57% of the people voted against the EU.  Is that what they call a "Mandate from the masses"?


    • Technically I suppose it is.  How the other 43% would have voted, no one knows.  I presume they voted for "couldn't give a shit"?

  4. But the EU cannot do anything, after all whilst the Swiss have no military, they ALL have weapons and shelters, and a willingness to fight for their country! 

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