History repeating itself — 10 Comments

      • Would those be those scientists from the Department of Studies at the well respected Institute for Studies?

  1. No no no!  You got it all wrong.

    Third hand smoke causes psychological wounds to never heal which causes rings around your bathtub that we all know causes genital warts that of course causes your dog to be born blind that causes homosexuality that as we all know causes flooding.


    • But flooding always seems to make my fags (cigarettes to you as you appear to be American and I would not wish to cause confusion) wet. I like my homosexuals to be dry, or their colours tend to run, which can lead to disaster.

  2. My suspicion is it won't be a badge. More likely a tattoo. Possibly starting with infants born of parents who smoke. Probably on the back of their hands.

  3. Actuallly flooding causes smoking

    Here in Cork last week there were people in the City Centre standing around with fags in their mouths watching the waters rise. A few though were putting sandbags in front of shops and researchers are now trying to discover whether these people had been smoking earlier as well. This could lead to the ground-breaking conclusion that smoking causes sandbags !

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