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    • You seem to watch a hell of a lot of videos?  Ever think of starting your own video shop?  Or buying YouTube?  Or even starting your own site [I know of an excellent hosting company] ?

      • I know it seems like I am glued to streaming video's but honestly I'm not. Some video subjects seem to resonate with me much more often than articles. Are there still such things as video shops?
        I thought streaming had killed the all off but I rarely venture into town these days so I could wrong. I used to have my own blog but although it was great at first tearing the news 'stories' to pieces it quickly got boring.
        I even created a blog to try and expose the corruption in British education. A lady in the County Council signed a deal with a construction company to bring four academies to the county. It was then and still is a unique contract. What triggered my interest was the last one to be 'approved' was the one in the town. Here they were closing three secondary schools to create one new one. The council basically lied and bullshitted the people of the town.
        End result a few cared but the majority kept looking the other, or put their heads in the sand or worst of all simply said "Yes it's wrong but there is nothing we can do."
        There is a serious lack of testicles in this town.
        Out of the four academies which all had 'state of the art 21st century learning environments.' three have been or are currently in special measures. Two of then have had to be taken over by new sponsors. The lady who signed the contract jumped ship shortly after the fourth and final deal signed off by the DFe and her replacement is now on sick leave which just so happens to coincide with some damning revelations about how badly the county council is letting down the most vulnerable people it claims to protect.

  1. We also have to factor in to the mix this new found concern and willingness to help the people………….. you's swear there were local and euro elections coming up or something!  Oh wait…………….

  2. I didn't think they saw me any other way GD.
    Why would 'they' care?  They're not in the caring business. 
    A certain amount of taxes are required to run a country, don't you think?

    Not that I don't think government spending should be scrutinised and they should be accountable for what they spend.. but don't we need taxes to pay for stuff? 
    How else would we have any sort of civilised society going on?

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