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  1. Oh God, how right that could be.  But would it be an improvement after 40 years of married bliss?

  2. "There are two names that I refuse to answer to – Babe [of Baby] and Sweetie"

    How do you feel about sweet cheeks, or cupcake GD?   My personal favourite is "you sexy bitch". I hear that quite a bit


  3. Years back, shortly after a good friend of mine had gotten a divorce, I ordered up a "Russian Brides" subscription and sent it to him. It cheered him up immensely. Funny thing though. These young Russian bride wannabes all seemed to be 24, good looking and "managers".

    A year later I was in a drug store and needed to talk to the manager for some reason or other. Imagine my surprise when she turned out to be 24, good looking (read: drop dead gorgeous) and Russian (newly married to one of our all American boys).


  4. Off topic but a snapshot of how broken 'the system' is and how one man has dealt with it.


    My family estate has 150 acres of land, and under the laws, regulations, and strangulation by economic markets, barely employs one or two people, raising meat. My younger brother has it, and the way he runs it ( conventionally ), it is very stressful, a millstone around his neck, and something to be screwed for death duties.

    From an early age, I was interested in the old estates of England, who for centuries had worked the soil, and produced almost everything to be self-sufficient to the maximum degree. At the very stage when I made a bit of money, and bought land and property to establish my own concepts on self-sufficiency ( the English Earth Project ), a socialist planning officer set out to deliberately destroy me.

    I look at the Cornwall that people like him created, with towns that are drained like cash-cows by supermarkets, with grossly over-priced town centres, and agriculture and fishing tottering on the brink, propped up by endless EU money, and the only successful industries being those that know how to screw the grants system most effectively, and it seems a most unattractive way to run a country! So much poverty, unhappiness, and wasted potential, as London drains the country of it’s resources, human and otherwise.

    I wanted to have fun, and employ people, but government blunted my enthusiasm. I then still wanted to have fun, and self-employ people, by creating small workshop sites in the country, sheltering under a helpful umbrella, but I was not speaking government-speak, so they destroyed me.

    Since then, I have never given government the slightest thing, and from 2005, I have never signed one of their forms, and would die rather than take anything from them either.

    I divorced them, because they are alien to my understanding of Life, and everything they offer, is worthless. Their system is insane.

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