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    • That's not a bad point.  Do I need to start collecting pairs of the local wildlife?  At least I have a nice collection of trees that the storms brought down, so that's the timber taken care of….

      • You lucky so and so. Work involved I grant you but a neat way to 'lose' the timber, return it to your land, grow a lot of whatever fruit & veg  and flowers your family needs, great fun for the younger ones building them and playing around them when built, they go on producing for years with a minimum of human effort but best if all friends and neighbours will think you have lost the plot. Finally think of the  fun you would have telling tales of what's really under there, Lord Lucan, Amelia Erhart's plane, the Celtic Dragon!

        • Look at all those lovely neat rows…..   All I have is a fucking huge mountain which keeps growing ever taller.  I reckon soon I'll own Ireland's highest peak.l  😐

  1. Dear Jet Stream. You are very naughty. The hoo haw over here about this flooding is incredible. But digging deeper, the problems in Somerset appear to start with the EU and their regulations apparently. Now that is a suprise.

    • I've been following that.  So the EU decided to let the Somerset Levels flood to increase the area of wetlands or something?  Are they going to flood Holland next?  Whether the EU are behind it or not, there's no harm in blaming them anyway.

  2. Hi Grandad,

    Richard North at EU Referendum seems to have the info on the Somerset flooding ( I also saw somewhere (possibly Booker) that Norfolk, with similar low lying, drained land, hasn't had the same problem because the local drainage boards were able to fight off the UK Environment Agency taking control of drainage.

  3. The obvious solution to impose strict government regulation on the jet stream. As this will cost money it should also be taxed. once it is under control our leaders can turn their attention to amending or repealing other laws such as law of gravity. 

    Now that I look at this it could be a good way to keep lawmakers busy and prevent them from bothering us.

  4. Dear Grandad,

    You live on a mountain.

    Recommendation:  Don't move.

    Ocean views are nice but…

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