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  1. When I have a problem with the wind, I find that vegetable carbon is very effective,

    • There is wind and there is wind.  My hatred is for the external kind.  The internal stuff is a different matter.  There is nothing quite as satisfying as a grand release of the latter?

  2. Couldn't get your embedded link to work. It seems that trying to link directly to the actual screen view is the problem. I searched the site and got  That pulls up a Google Earth style image which you can then drag and zoom to the area you want. Very interesting, and one I'll be adding to my "Weather" bookmarks.

      • Hah!  My apologies, and I lay the entire blame at the foot of WordPress.  For some reason it deleted half the address.  It seems to be working now anyway… ?

        • Yes, fine now – even on this infuriating, gutless iPad….  It would be nice to have a pressure chart overlaid, but you can't have everything!

  3. that site (without the &nbsp bit) is COOL BEANS! wind outside I enjoy, inside wind,necessary but not as enjoyable.

  4. Can you overlay the locations of the wind farms?
    I do hope so because as they say a picture is worth a 1000 words.

    • Naughty!  😉

      One thing I did notice was the marked difference between oversea and overland winds.  It's actually a relatively uncommon thing to see strong winds overland.  Mind you – the bird mincers would have to be shut down in the winds we're getting at the moment!

      • In a word "Friction".  The sea surface is pretty smooth compared to the land with its trees, buildings and hills etc. It's why offshore wind turbines are marginally more efficient (or should that be less IN-efficient?) than land based ones. These not only suffer from lower wind speeds, but in many cases, considerable turbulence which shortens their life span.

        • Heh!  Don't worry – I did my physics and Geography!  It's interesting how well it shows up on that site though?  It illustrates the friction remarkably well.

  5. I thought I logged onto the wrong site for a minute.. nevermind.  🙂

    About all this 'bad' weather.. don't be worrying yourself with facts like wind speeds and temperate GD, they now have a colour alert which will tell you all you need to know.  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet..  no need to be concerned with the details.

    Ffs, tis worse than the security alerts in the U.S.   
    Colours for dummies.



    • What? Me? Worry?  Never! 

      Can't be bothered will all that colour coded crap though.  If trees start falling then it's stormy.  Simple.

  6. The green and blue picture at the head of your post is an example of Expressionist art and may be influenced by Vincent van Gogh's famous work entitled Starry Night. The wavy lines make the eyes wobble, so the picture may also be a retro look at a style of painting made popular in the 1960s by an artist called Vasareli and known as Kinetic Art. But we've been having too much wet and windy weather running rampant during the past few weeks, so I suppose Windy Art could be a name for the current genre.

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