Getting up their noses — 8 Comments

  1. Mary Whitehouse anti porn creation and consumption

    Deborah Arnoott anti tobacco creation and consumption.

    As fine a pair if iharridans as to be seen anywhere.

  2. Love the pics! What a humorless bunch of po faced twats they are……. I wonder if any of them get any joy out of life? Any kind of fun at all. Who in their right mind would work for an organisation that not only peddles lies and disinformation, but who seem to get satisfaction out of it?? the mind boggles.

  3. And just two days later CVS (one of the leading "drug store" chains in the US) announces that they will no longer sell any tobacco products of any kind. Personally, this doesn't affect me one bit as I quit smoking in 2005 and it really makes no difference overall anyway. Supermarkets and gas stations/midi-marts are the usually the source most go to to buy tobacco products and there's always the other drug store chains. That is unless they follow suit.

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