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    • I would have no problem with that.  More poetic than breaking legs?  Ah feckit!  Legs and fingers it is….

  1. The "Third Sector" seems to be morphing into the turd sector. I worked in charity admin (voluntary, unpaid or expensed) in the late 70's and was uncomfortable then with some of the creatures operating there. Things have moved on and particularly in the UK – the "business model" in many outfits absolutely stinks and there is a veritable plague of heavily political charities and their demon spawn "not for profit" infested with "professionals".

    This damages confidence that your contributions aren't responsibly used. Government "activist bureaucrat" mission creep has also infected the sector with almost wholly tax funded client lobby groups hiding under the charity banner.


    That stuff is piling up in the stables​

    • The problem with this sort of carry-on is that genuine charities suffer.  There are many out there who rely almost exclusively on public donations and they are suffering badly from the public lack of confidence.  I know I think twice [or more] before making donations now.

      I like that link – we could do with an Irish version!

      • Unfortunately – I think is a bit dilapidated after the folk running it ran out of steam.   I'm going to have a small try at resuscitating it (maybe with a database that allows selection by country)   Don't hold you breath – but I think it's a valuable resource – who'd have known that RSPB; gets £20 million plus from our taxes otherwise …..

        • I would imagine that the biggest problem is the sheer proliferation of "charities".  New ones seem to spring up every day, and it can be more than difficult to discover where they get their funding.

          • The constantly shifting target was I think the reason that it was implemented as a database – now broken.


            From what I can see in England the "not for profit" game has been spreading with various associated "charities" involved – with many particularly ex local council penpushers ensconced in "community interest" nfps comfortably beyond direct accountability but still in receipt of large wedges of public funds – it stinks.  …..

      • Could you imagine a drug dealer known to have stashed away millions and hearing that, "The gubmint is seeking ways to ask him to return?"


    As there are no pockets in the shroud, those who have accumulated great wealth at our expense over the years will undoubtedly have that wealth listed carefully in their last will and testament. Surely all that is needed is access to this by the CAB. The Criminal Assets Bureau then would do their thing by asking, "Can you prove where you got the money from for this?" It would show us all just how widespread such crimes are at the top.

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