The real cause of climate change — 14 Comments

  1. But extra sexual intimacy all around the world, as a result of record sales of publications like Penthouse, Playboy, Ireland's Own romances and the small ads in the Evening Herald, must be generating enough heat to fuel global warming theories. There is one sure way to reverse the warming with cooling –  gentlemen between 16 and 60 to take ice cold showers morning and evening. Celibacy is ecological.

    • No.We have to admit that we don't have a monopoly,However.per head of population we have to be in the top one percent globally.

  2. Am I right in saying that its not the gays themselves or what they do that at fault,

     But the the rest of us of being ok with it.

    Could this be why county clare was worst hit the tolerant gits

  3. Not to change the subject, but did that Russian ship ever 'come out' of the ice in Antartica?  Amazing how such soft melting polar caps could disable this vessel.

    • The Russian ship did indeed come out.It has issued a statement saying that its previous existence as an ice-breaker was a lie.In future it wants to be recognised as a 16th century spanish galleon called "Isabella"

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