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    • I think a far more likely explanation is that the bloke hasn't a bull's bollox of a clue what he is talking about.  Maybe he's thinking of web sites?  Fucking idiot.

    • I have a vague memory of seeing a video of some bloke who produced a working pistol on one of those printer things.  Might be worth investigating?


  1. This guy really doesn't seem to care if he becomes a laughing stock now does he? Or are the people he's writing to about these "open source browsers" just as insane?

    • This guy is a classic example of the kind of moron that gets into power these days.  It's no wonder the world is going to hell in a handcart.

    • @ Rob – Granted, but they both use a modified version of Firefox, and Vidalia. I mentioned it because I recently downloaded a copy to try. 

      As for HideMyAss – the people at Torrent Freak dot com reported that this outfit handed over customers details when pressured by authorities. TF have a list of VPN's and their respective privacy policies – there should be an updated version out soon.  Look here:

      • Microdave – Thanks, I'll dump HideMyAss.

        By the way, I'm a big fan of your Friday Funnies.Keepup the good work.

  2. I'd like to download a self-addressed kissogram, bearing optional extra accessories such as a bottle of Chateau Margaux and two glasses.

      • Chateau Margaux wouldn't be every man's idea of an optional accessory to accompany a downloaded Kissogram. Think of other liquors, of different brands and shades of lipstick, of tasteful clothing, of…

  3. Fine Gale never did find the open source hacker who infiltrated their 'closed source' website a few years ago did they?  he he

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