I need a browser — 14 Comments

    • I think a far more likely explanation is that the bloke hasn't a bull's bollox of a clue what he is talking about.  Maybe he's thinking of web sites?  Fucking idiot.

    • I have a vague memory of seeing a video of some bloke who produced a working pistol on one of those printer things.  Might be worth investigating?


  1. This guy really doesn't seem to care if he becomes a laughing stock now does he? Or are the people he's writing to about these "open source browsers" just as insane?

    • This guy is a classic example of the kind of moron that gets into power these days.  It's no wonder the world is going to hell in a handcart.

    • @ Rob – Granted, but they both use a modified version of Firefox, and Vidalia. I mentioned it because I recently downloaded a copy to try. 

      As for HideMyAss – the people at Torrent Freak dot com reported that this outfit handed over customers details when pressured by authorities. TF have a list of VPN's and their respective privacy policies – there should be an updated version out soon.  Look here:

  2. I'd like to download a self-addressed kissogram, bearing optional extra accessories such as a bottle of Chateau Margaux and two glasses.

  3. Fine Gale never did find the open source hacker who infiltrated their 'closed source' website a few years ago did they?  he he

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