Sanguine sunrise — 19 Comments

  1. Well I for one am not reading anything today.

    I hope awaking awash in blood doesn't ruin your Christmas day.

    Have a great one!


  2. Good grief!  People are actually wasting their time reading this shite on Christmas Day?

    Well, I'm off to paint the town village red.  Ho Ho Ho.

    • If I hadn't been round my sisters for the obligatory Christmas lunch I would have read this much earlier.  Note to self: next year just say NO, and do my own thing for a change. Then I can be as miserable as I want without feeling guilty…

      <i>"Is there anything worthwhile on the telly I wonder?"</i> – Nope, but I did stumble across a "Caravan Information" channel FFS!


    How could we possibly not check up on you today after three days of silence!  I hope the auld nose is fine now and you can enjoy the turkey\christmas pud etc. as well as a few tipples! Gave a very happy and peaceful day.



  4. Reading too.. Is there anything worthwhile on the telly I wonder?  'Tis doubtful.

    The nose bleed is probably just over dried skin with this cold weather GD..  You musta got a fright though.  Maybe Vaseline would help?   My lips are dried to shite at the moment.. I'm like Fat Bastard in Austin Powers peeling off the skin.

    Have a lovely day! 

  5. Happy Christmas and may 2014 bring you all your heart desires. Looking forward to many more Granddad-isms 🙂

  6. Sympathise,  Poor control of warfarin dose gave me the same problem.  Had to wait in emergency A&E from 6.00 am until 4.30 pm before any attention.  Only  seen then because I was bleeding on the floor, and Sister was not happy about the mess.

    Trust you are now OK.  Have a very good Christmas anyway.

    Best wishes,


  7. Merry Christmas, GD! Doesn't sound like it started well but it definitely started interesting. Time to set up the ultrasonic humidifier in the bedroom methinks. Works well for me when the old nose starts bleeding in the winter. It also covers up everything in a lovely shade of white (ultrasonic humidifier excretions I think it is).

    On a more serious note, check the humidity in the house. If it's not that low, go see your doc.

  8. Can't possibly reply to all individually as I have a dose of Jamesonitis [a peculiar ailment that tends to strike around this time of year and at other festive occasions – only known cure … drink more of the same].

    The nosebleed was strange.Like Santa it was large and red.  Like Santa it crept into my room while I slept on Christmas morning never to be seen again.

    Maybe it wasn't a nosebleed at all?  Maybe Santa pissed on my pillow?  [*shudder*]

  9. Ever noticed how Jamesons seems able to cure so many ills?  Is it something special they put in the water?  Happy (Hic)  New Year.

  10. Happy belated Christmas to yourself and Herself.  I hope you lot had a great day.  🙂

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