Tugging the forelock — 13 Comments

  1. For Xmas, I'd like to hear Barroso has kicked the bucket, That would please me even more than new socks, or a selection box.

    • I'm not one for wishing people harm normally, but I have to confess that if there were a plain crash with Barroso, Van Rompuy, Draghi and a few others on board I could only hope that the pilot survived.

      • Can I make reservations for a few more seats on that plane? There are a number of politicians I'd like to give them too. 

        Also don't worry about the pilot, we will use a autopilot programmed by the same experts that are in charge of the Obama Care web site. On second thought we need some more skilled, it needs to get off the ground before it crashes. 

    • Hah!  A sentiment that applies to so many these days.  If I didn't know better, I'd say there is a wanker factory somewhere churning them out.  It's probably located in Brussels.

  2. " Europe was asked to step in to solve an Irish problem, created by the banking sector, and at all times has shown support for Ireland,” said a senior EU source. "

    "Europe" is a fucking continent and as such it cannot step into anything let alone solve a problem.
    "created by the banking sector" seems to me to gave been added in as an afterthought. The question is why didn't the Irish nation pull an Iceland?
    'shown support for Ireland" and why is this relevant?

    A 'senior EU source., Rarely name these fuckers do they?
    Same as the 'an expert said' or 'say experts'.
    If I have one wish for Christmas is the angel of the lord comes down and removes the cancer that is the MSM.

  3. I will happily bring the piano wire.  Who will find the lamp posts?

    Oh, and Happy Christmas GD, love your blog.  Keep it up. And keep writing, youngster.

  4. If the Eurozone is such a winner, isn't it strange that the British economy, with its Sterling currency, has now bypassed Germany to be the strongest economy in Europe.
    I hate the crooked politics, crooked politicians and the spin these AHs put on things. Instead of these Euro-crats being shot or locked up for crimes against humanity and collapsing various European economies with crazy policies, they want us to revere them??

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