Happy Winter Solstice — 12 Comments

    • Same as that, Brian! I hate winter (SAD?), and once we hid the nadir of the shortest day, from then on my optimism level rises with the lengthening days. Even though I'm in southern Europe, we do still have winter, albeit not as cold as UK. Ah well, off to Thailand for a month in a few weeks. Plenty of sunshine and heat there!

      And as for you, GD, I'm pleased for you that you've had your brainfart, but do check in occasionally – misanthropic as you might be, we do have a sort of grudging affection for you.

  1. I'm hit and miss at the best of times, have a grand holiday with your family Grandad, I look forward to reading what ever you happen to produce. All the best, Cat

  2. It's dark, it's pissing down, a window has started leaking because the gutter above it is blocked by the cement fillets that do not stick to Duracem tile, thank you the league of roofers and of course my own laziness in not sorting the problem out when first spotted but your reminder that the corner is being turned lit up my evening, thanks.

    One should always 'bring a gift' so here's one for you. I hope it entertains without distracting you from the writing or the leaky diaphragm observations. Have a good one.


  3. The days get longer here by about ninety seconds diurnally, but they don't get warmer. Of a sunny afternoon it's a relatively tolerable minus 13 degrees, on cloudy days lower. So hot whiskeys at night and the occasional filter cigarillo put Angst on the back boiler. The going price for a bottle of Jameson downtown is 190 yuan. Calculate that in euro and Canadian dollars and you'll agree it's a deal. I had to import a supply of cloves in the diplomatic bag. Peaceful hols to all.

  4. Good to hear that the Muse has finally descended – good Xmas present that 🙂

    Happy Chrislamic wotsits to all insofar as we are allowed these days …

  5. I think I missed Christmas altogether this year which would explain me not wishing you and yours and all the regulars here a Merry Christmas, Happy Winter Solstice and all that. So, just say I already did and leave it at that, okay?

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