Another turd in the cesspool — 11 Comments

  1. Stop the fucking world.

    I want to get off.

    I know how you feel, GD.

    I often find myself wondering if these people really are living in a parallel universe or if they are just cynically trotting out these lies in pursuit of their personal / ideological agenda(s).

    • I sometimes wonder if somehow I have slipped into a parallel universe!  Maybe I died and have gone to hell?

    • "It's not the World that's fucked – it's us"  Priceless.  Modern society wrapped up in less than eight minutes.  😀

  2. When I read or hear those words 'there is no doubt climate change is rea'l as a justification of taxes to re-distribute wealth any tolerance I have for these fuckwits is degraded a little more, when the revoloution comes and in other European countries it is going to happen, I want to be the there to watch these twats scream for mercy before they meet their richly deserved painful demise.

    • My tolerance went through the floor long ago.  They have been crying wolf for so long now they have forgotten what a wolf looks like.

  3. How one lady in the West of Ireland deals with this crap. a way of living I am attempting to emulate I might add.

    This tax upon tax upon tax is 'our own fault' to be sure. dickheads voting for dickheads then complaining when the dickheads pile the taxes on and then… going out and voting for a dickheads again. Climate change is simply the current 'poster child' of the statists tomorrow it'll be something different and will go on being something different for as long as the people of the Ireland and Britain allow it to.
    Fear is all that keeps the system in place. Notice the word in that scary headline COULD. The sky could fall in before anyone reads this, it probably won't but it might. Fear of not being able to pay the prices and the taxes and the charges keeps people seeking employment in government, As these numbers only seem to grow the amount of tax requiredto pay them all rises. Taken to it's conclusion it will either suddenly collapse or everyone will be working for government… which in reality they already are because, to bring this rant to an end, every time anyone trundles along to the petrol station and 'fills up' they are agreeing to the government stealing their money.

    Carlin is right the collective 'we' are fucked until the collective 'we' do something about it.

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