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  1. If 7,8,9,10,17,19 and 20 all link to you ,how come when i type "postalworker-induced wood" all link to some boring shit?

    • You're turned on by the postman?  Have you discussed this with a professional?  They can help, you know?

      • We've discussed this before.One of us was getting a strange reaction to the post man-hint ,t'wasnt me.

  2. Did you search for "Nude Dwarf-Throwing" ?


    By the way, are there secret buttons on your site to get at all that she-male sex stuff ??


    Is there a section called "the Naked Grandads"?

  3. Thats me rumbled…. Apart from the shemale stuff that is.

    Oh, and the how to drink Guiness. If you need to google that then you have no business ordering it.

  4. No. 4 Irish grandad is way ahead of disgusting sex, filthy sex and all that distracting rot because so many lovesick, eligible women out there in cyberspace have their priorities right. They're looking for suitable Irish grandads, nothing else. They don't search for Big Flashy Cars, or Respectable Family, or GSOH & Solvent, or 40-Acre Farm,or Strict TT/RC/C of I and any of that malarky. Plain unadorned straight-talking Irish grandads are their prime social targets. Don't all us Irish grandads feel cherished? (But what would Herself think?) Happy Christmas.

  5. If you actually tailored your writings around these popular search results you posted you'd probably be banned in several countries…


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