Celebrating the Fourth Reich — 9 Comments

    • Who is the 0.01%?  I might give him [or her] a vote.

      On the other hand – 0.01% of all our politicians would be 0.016% of one candidate and I wouldn't want to vote for the wrong bit?

  1. "I always thought the Irish gubmint was supposed to represent the Irish people?"

    I do not believe that statement. Your wisdom is legendary.

  2. The graves of our 1916 fallen, especially those of Connolly and Larkin are a blur to see these days. The bodies of our visionary and patriotic hero's are spinning in their graves.

    Successive Governments have betrayed the people of Ireland, and worse is the betrayal by The Labour Party.

    Who can we turn to? There is no one. 

    Maybe it could be you GD, Heh!  

    2016 is getting closer…….

  3. Kanzler Angela, Ich folge Dir, the Limerickman must haff sed. Und wer wollen Wir Paddyvolk folgen – Merkel or Thatcher? Was ist der differenz between frying pan und Feuer? Dollars, Punt, Sterlink oder Euro – which you wantz? Was the reul (old silver 6d with a greyhound) for real?  


    • Hah!  It's a long time since I heard the word reul!  There is a word that was doomed to obsolescence.  I think I may even have a few of them lurking in dusty corners.

      • The silver reul sixpenny bit was a handsome coin with the harp on one side and the I think greyhound on the other. The old tri pingin silver coin (thruppence) was also handsome with a coinin or rabbit. Was the old tanner reul allowed to chase the thruppeny coinin without objections from the anti-coursing people? The reul became obsolete. Will something similar happen to the euro and the two cent piece?

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