Childhood obesity my arse — 16 Comments

  1. YES, YES, YES!  "Go" to the "webinar"  and tell the mindless, utterly stupid sheeple what concerns real people with genuine lives too busy to create even more totally pointless, overpaid and useless ways to extract the piss and taxes.  I've said before, where's my garotte/machine gun?  You have my vote – anybody else?

    • I have just been wandering around their website.  Jayzus but that job requires a cast-iron stomach!

      The best laugh tough is James "Fatso" Reilly –

      "Obesity presents a real clinical, social and financial challenge which will have a detrimental legacy lasting decades and which will undoubtedly lead Ireland to an unhealthy and extremely costly, if not unaffordable, future if action is not taken now."

      Talk about pots and kettles!

    • Makes no differ whether it's gubmint or EU.  It's still being paid for out of our taxes, and is nothing more than a self serving qango.

    • Sweet fuck!!  It's nothing but conferences.  Proof positive that these people do sweet fuck all except sit around reinforcing their own prejudices.

      If I remember, I'll try to hack into their love-in.  How long before I'm barred?  My money is on five seconds…..

    • I like spiders.  Herself doesn't so I spend my time catching them and evicting them to the garden.

  2. safefood is an all-island implementation body set up under the British-Irish Agreement with a general remit to promote awareness and knowledge of food safety and nutrition issues on the island of Ireland


    Yawn…. pass me another meat pie, for fucks sake!! Yes GD, that bloke Reilly should really shut the fuck up. And he is a doctor FFS. I really think you should join the webiwotsit and enjoy yourself.

    • I have been thinking about this "webinar" thing and to be quite honest, I think my time would be better spent watching raindrops on the window.  These people have remarkably selective hearing and can only hear words of praise and encouragement.  Even a mild argument would be like pissing against the wind.

  3. Still and all, an occasional school lunch of nettle soup and organic popcorn, instead of coke and chocolate, might make inroads on the child obesity problem. Any other innovative dieting suggestions from our avant garde readers?

  4. For school dinner we had to round off with a sago pudding we cheerfully called Frog's Eyes. It had a dollop of strawberry jam on top, which doctors now advise us contains Vitamin C. Oh yes, and a home made mixed vegetable soup was called Chef's Vomit. Tasty. We never got obese.



    frogs Eyes

    • Heh!  You didn't go to Ring College by any chance?  They used to serve Chef's Vomit every Friday.  Revolting stuff that matched its name.  It's the only place I ever heard the name though.

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