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  1. "Grandad, you ask :-

    "Or is this an attempt by some brain-dead little jobsworth to try to justify his overpaid position by providing a desperate and futile measure so he can be seen to be doing something even if it hasn't a chance in hell of achieving anything? "


    The answer is "YES"

  2. All roads are one way, only into town. Once there you can never leave. I think someone wrote a song about a hotel like that a few years ago. 

        • I have the album – you know, one of those round plastic thingies with a hole in the middle. AND I still have the means to play it – just so long as I don't turn the treble control up too high….

          • Have a whole pile of the damn things.  And two of those spinning yokes as well.  I think one of 'em even goes up to 78!

          • Speaking of music – I used to rely on The Streets of Arklow when I had a radio show to which no-one listened. That track by Van Morrison was long enough for me to start it turning, leave the studio, walk to the bar, get a pint, drink it be back in the studio to cue the next record.

            The last thing I want is for anyone to speed up the flow on The Streets of Arklow. It could lead to an unfortunate burst of dead air and dirty looks at the bar. (If anyone was listening. Which they wouldn't be. So I'm probably alright.)

    • I think the most used road is the one up Abbey Street and away over the Navvy Hill. The footfall will not increase to the town centre, if all the feet are in the cars rushing up over the Navvy away to eff from this crazy rat run. I have heard it's called the Paedo run. With the route encompassing public toilets, a creche and the school….

  3. One brain dead little jobsworth might of dreamt it up but many more brain dead jobsworths approved and implemented the scheme. Fire anyone connected with this scheme and do not replace them!

  4. Llanelli (Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK) – hub of many heavy industries at the turn of the latter century and subject to the challenging environment of out of town shopping.LLanelly Town's own web site list the following businesses …

    Llanelli has many shops to offer.

    Town Centre

    Discount UK, Boots, Shop Mobility, British Heart Foundation Shop, Specsavers, Cash Generator,

    Jenkins Bakery



    Andrew Price


    Lloyds TSB, Barclays, Nationwide, Halifax and Santander

    Cafe's and restaurants



    Betfred, Corals, Ladbrokes


    ARKLOW is by no means alone in short sighted planning

  5. I lived and worked in Arklow for about three years (in the now defunct IIF plant during it's construction).

    It was always a bit of a dump but had a few redeeming features – I married a girl from there!!!!!

  6. Looking at the satellite view of Arklow on that article you referenced, the place looks amazingly like the overhead view of my little town (well, they call it a city but…) here in Vermont. High unemployment, bunch of closed businesses on Main Street, bit of a dump but at least Main St. is still two-way. If it wasn't either nobody would get home or go to work depending on which end of Main St. you lived.

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