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  1. Canadian with Irish on me Da's side does that count? oh but only mid 50 so guess that bit does me out too =) 6 months to go till I get seniors discount at Sears!

  2. Okay, so the medical side (the mind-sifters) of the US Naval submarine force states that for every year spent aboard submarine (WWII and the Cold War era) a man ages an average of 5 years. Sooo, that makes me somewhere in the neighborhood of around 79 I figure. Feel that way too. And I could feel Irish as well, would that count? Better yet, I could feel an Irish…make her good lookin' healthy, slim with good assets. Make her around 40 and cooperative (and very very patient).

    (sigh) Alright, never mind. It's obvious I'm completely unqualified. Just so I leave a comment is all.

    • Yes.  I think it would be stretching the criteria just a little bit?  I'm surprised though that you aren't claiming to be second generation Irish or something?  Most Merkans seem to claim some immediate Irish connection?

      • Well, no, I don't ever claim to be something I'm not. Just isn't in me to do that, but let's see anyway.

        On my father's side of my family and despite the French last name, it's mostly all English (how we got the French last name is a story in itself). According to his rather extensive family tree, I'm the last direct male descendant of King Æthelberht of Wessex (rule 860 – 865) and my father was the last direct male descendant to actually carry the name, thank the gods he didn't saddle me with it. Best thing that can be said about the modern day side of that family is that the line ends with me.

        My mother side was German Jew which is rather ironic since I have no business sense whatsoever. So no, considering all, I'm definitely not Irish. In fact, if I ever get to visit England again I'd better damn well stay away from Wessex as I probably owe several centuries worth of back taxes.

  3. Since I don't live in the old sod currently I can't help the young lady. Besides life can seem different when viewed from Timbucktoo or further points east. From a statistical and demographic perspective I'd guess that the auld fellows who visit this website don't form what the opinion pollsters call a Random Sampling. Maybe a Rambling Sampling of old codgers will have to do?

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