Appeal from an Endangered Species — 36 Comments

    • I know the feeling!   I see you are on your travels again. Time to brush up on your French?

  1.  Appeal from and Endangered Species? What kind of fucking headline is that? Correct it and you can have your Yay!

    • Jayzus Sean!  I don't know how you did it but you ended up as Spam.  You're damn lucky you weren't deleted. 

      I have no intention of "correcting" a perfectly reasonable title, and will therefore pass on your details.

      • Read it again GD  "Appeal from AND Endangered Species". 

        Oh well yet another form to fill in!


        • How in the name of fuck did I miss that?  God knows how many times I read it.  There again, no one else seems to have noticed?

  2. GD, I am always accommodating where young ladies are concerned. Indeed, my wife is a young lady (compared to me) and I accommodate her in every way.


    As for requests to you, I think the only one I might have is to share a beer or three with you if our paths ever happened to cross.

    • I'll take that as a Yay then?  As for a pint or four – I'm on but it's a little tricky when you insist on staying Over There.  Maybe when they/you are chucked out of the EU we'll migrate there?

  3. I'm ancient, GD. But I haven't got that much wisdom to hand on – bar the usual: Never pass a lavatory without using it, never trust a fart, always take the piss out of politicians but never vote for them, try and drink something healthy three times a day (beer, whiskey or Pusser's rum) and, beyond a bloody good cough first thing in the morning, avoid all exercise.

    • As I said, I haven't a clue what this survey or whatever is about.  I hope I'm not going to regret this!  She could just be looking for the secret of our success?

  4. Well-being in the over thirties is about being left alone to enjoy your hard earned freedom.

    I'll do her survey but she will not like my answers !!!!

    • Don't worry – I have been in the Saga Holidays bracket for years and I still haven't been on one.  Nor do I intend starting now.

    • It must be something to do with your setup at your end.  I can underline, bolden [?], strike through and italicise to my heart's content

  5. Only girls 13 and younger who dress in pink and want a pony and like the twins should ever say "Yay." But sure I'm in.

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