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  1. I had one accident when I turned twenty, admittedly a car write-off accident. But then for 55 years, 360 days a year, I was behind a wheel of some kind and never had another accident. I regularly was speeding, way above the limit, but that was on main roads before 7.00am in the morning. I only slowed down when "I" felt my reflexes were slowing. Then Nanny made not sitting up straight in a car some kind of points offense so I avoid the car whenever possible. There are so many shagging rules and laws on the road now, all aimed at the lowest common denominator, that the true freedom and fun of driving is long gone. 

    Driving has become the simple function of getting from 'A' to 'B' without penalty points – fuck that !

    • Between motorbikes and cars, I have been driving for around forty six years.  Loads of spills on the bike and a quare few accidents in the car.  Of all the car smashes I have been in, only the very first was my fault.  Like yourself, I let the road and the conditions dictate my speed – sometimes over and sometimes under "the limit".    Probably the most dangerous aspect of modern motoring is the distraction of watching out for speed traps and garda cars.

  2. Verdacker can wait till next year and the onslaught of Romanian wrecks driving on the wrong side of the road over here! :-0

    • I'm just waiting for Brussels to demand that we switch to driving on the right!  Then let the fun begin.

  3. For years I've been advocating a simple procedure which could save thousands of lives on the roads every year. First, remove the driver's seatbelt, second remove any airbags, third, affix an 8" sharpened steel spike to the middle of the steering wheel which cannot be removed. Then let Darwin do the rest …


    No bugger listens to me.

    • It might be an idea to make the body of the car [and especially the floor] transparent?  There is nothing like the sight of the ground rushing past your arse at 90 to make you feel vulnerable?

  4. Here's another old one.  When the fuckwits in Brussels demand you drive on the right, Ireland will try it out by letting just lorries drive right for the first year.  When there are no cars remaining, then implement the new rule for everyone. Simples!

    • It's also a known fact that intelligence and wit increase proportionally with the consumption of alcohol.

  5. While learning to drive, I had several back-passengers and experienced armchair-drivers telling me to always watch out for the moron in front.

    No different in politics.

    Point driven.

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