Writhing with laughter — 17 Comments

  1. "We are writhing to know if it's true that you are DEAD?"

    🙂  Arf!  That's a classic! I've had some good ones, but that one raises the bar considerably! I love the caps!

    • It really is a winner on just about every level.  From the "writhing" start through the caps to the general assumption that I am DEAD, and if I am, that I have their blessings!

      It took mew a while though to work out whether they were trying to prevent this "one MR. GERSHON SHAPIRO of USA" robbing $5.5 million out of my bank account or whether some other unnamed DEAD person had bequeathed it to me.

      The whole thing brought a bit of a shock to my mind.

    • Actually it matters quite a lot to me, whether I'm dead or alive.

      I wonder if "DEAD" means deader than "dead"?

  2. Look on the bright side of things Grandad. 1. You are not DEAD.  2. Somebody out there is counting your blessings, and he's not a Chinese marxist-atheist. 3. You haven't given him your phone number or bank a/c. 4. The funds in the a/c probably aren't worth Mr. Chen's troubling about anway.

    May your life continue to be full of blessings from all thoughtful sources. Now how about posting for your dedicated readers a draft of your proposed reply to Mr. William Chen's charming, courteous and solicitous message? In particular I would like to see how you fill out the rubrics including Full Name, Age, Sex and Occupation. You may leave other items blank, or just write 0000007.

    • 1. You're correct there, as far as I know.

      2. He should count his own and leave mine out of it.

      3. No. I gave him Brian Cowen's.

      4. Spot on.

      Regarding my response, I was going to write one but then I realised Mr Chen might be a little disturbed at getting a letter from beyond the grave.

  3. If you're DEAD, how can you reply to the daft email, and why does he want your bank details when he says:  "Be informed that we have made all arrangements for you to receive and confirm your funds without anymore stress, and without any further
    delays."?  Perhaps it is not a scam – the guy is simply full of too much whiskey.

    • Whisky, if it's Scotch, but Chinese mainlanders don't generally imbibe whisky/whiskey. They take shots of a colourless spirit called baiju – 70% under proof. Couldn't even write a will after taking that.

  4. What I would like to know is who is Shapiro, and what made him think you were dead.

    Had he any connection to the driver of the car?

    Is mister Chen just an innocent person and the subject of a con by this Shapiro guy and the hit and run driver.

    Can you let us know what you find out.

    Did he say what type of car it was?

    • Anything less than a BMW would be beneath my dignity.  Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to be run over by a Lada?

      The rest is, and shall remain, a mystery.

  5. I got that too and replied in the affirmative, yup I am dead, thanks for the monies. Signed Pearl E Gates

  6. You have to hand it to the Chinese, they'll try anything. Absolutely Brilliant; just like you I laughed out loud. 

    • If you want "to hand it to the Chinese" that's your personal choice. Come here some holiday and see if you can sell the Great Wall to some mug looking for hard core to build a 4-lane motorway between Donegal and Connemara.

  7. The last time I looked up Hard Core on the Internet…was the last time I will ever look up Hard Core on the Internet (web). I'm still trying to work out how to prove you are dead! 

    • Hard core is a lorry load of broken bricks and rocks.  I thought everyone knew that?  No need to look that up on the Interweb.

      Send me a cheque.  If it's not cashed, you'll know I'm dead.

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