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  1. Ha!  It works on cats too.  As soon as I hit play he sat bolt upright and glared at the laptop.  He listened for a bit then took off running out of the room.  About half way through I realized I was hearing it so it must be close to my upper limit of hearing.

    • Heh!  So I'm causing chaos around the world!  I can hear it either by sticking my head right at the speakers or by raising or lowering the frequency a bit.

  2. Bloody hell it works on wives! I clicked play and Mrs Bucko yelled, "Stop doing that!".

    Apparently it hurt her ears. Bwahahahaha!

  3. That's cheered me up – I suffer from tinnitus too and didn't think I could hear much above 8khz. Admittedly I had to hold the iPad's speaker up to my ear, but it was definitely there. It is also possible that the dog is hearing something you can't – in the old analogue days 2nd & 3rd harmonics would often be present, albeit at very low levels. With digital processing there will be a cut-off point above which nothing will pass. If your file also contains 24.9 khz modulation your dog and cat would certainly hear it.

    • I generated a pure sine-wave tone at 12,440 Hz so it should be free of any harmonics.  I have only played it back through the laptop speakers, but sometime I must try it through my main sound system.  That should really freak the dog out…..

  4. Is this a wind up?  I know I have tinnitus and deafness in my left ear but I thought my right ear was OK.  I can't hear fuck all even with the volume turned up.

    • Hold your ear right to the speaker and see what happens.

      Herself came in just now and I played it.  She couldn't hear a thing and she doesn't have any hearing problems.  At least she doesn't unless I'm speaking……

      • I'm wearing a headset.  I tried turning them around so the microphone bit is sticking into the back of my neck but I still can't hear anything.  My misses can't hear anything either.  Lord we are in a state – both deaf!

  5. I wish to register a complaint!  After downloading your mp3 file and playing it through my HiFi system I couldn't hear it. I already knew it was within my hearing range, so started buggering about with audio levels and graphic equalizers. Still couldn't hear it. Then I tried headphones and could just make it out. So I did a quick search and downloaded a couple of free audio programmes – a signal generator and an oscilloscope. I then discovered that my hearing rolls off sharply at about 11.5 khz – just below your clip.

    Whilst experimenting with the "silly scope" I played some music through the speakers and it sounded bloody awful. I then realised this had happened once before, and I recalled that my Mordaunt Short MS20's have fuse protection for the tweeters – they were both blown… Fortunately I have some spares, and normal service has been restored. At least I know there is nothing wrong with my nigh on 30 year old system, and I must remember in future NOT to crank the volume up full just because I can't hear anything…

    • So you are now going to blame me for blowing up your speakers?

      Heh!  I didn't know it was so easy to create such chaos with just one post.  I must do it more often.

    • 300Hz-3400KHz voice frequency for telephony,after that,fuckit,you dont want to hear shadows.

  6. That's a really painful noise!  Not going to try it on the dog. 🙂 HE'd find a way of getting me back.

    • When you have that whistle in your ears for a few years you eventually get used to it.  I don't even notice it now unless it gets really loud.

      • It's not the loudness that gets to me it's the change of pitch.  Doesn't happen very often, usually when I have a cold or similar, but it really freaks me out and I've had the problem for 30 years now.

  7. Nope, can't hear it either but I didn't expect to being deaf and all. The woke up, gave me a disgusted look and went back to sleep. I will not play it for my wife, who has better hearing than a new born babe. I don't need a black eye you see.

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