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  1. Over here too there was a marked lack of trick or treating. Few kids were wandering although teenagers pissed on alcopops created a noisy neighbourhood for a while. Today the local cops praised the people in the local rag for having 'responsible fun' give me fucking strength.
    As for that nanny states worst nightmare bonfire night in the days leading up to the non event (if last years effort is anything to go by) the fucking fire brigade are going on strike!
    The strikes will take place between 6.30pm and 11.00pm on Friday 1 November and 6am and 8am on Monday 4 November.
    Okay I cannot see many people actually noticing they are striking 'early doors' on the Monday but as for Friday evening and night…

    • What the fuck is "responsible fun"?  Half the fun of being a kid is having irresponsible fun.

      We're heading for an age where kids can only play in the garden, provided they stay in range of the CCTV cameras, are wearing their full protective gear which includes a panic button and GPS locator and have memorised all 58 chapters of the gubmint handout – how to be safe.

      • and dressed in hi-viz and armed with the mobile phone panic alarm app.

        One does get the impression that the rulers have simply buggered off and left the loons to run the place.

      • <i>"Play in the garden"</i>

        But modern houses don't have gardens big enough to swing a cat*, let alone play in…

        *Always assuming said cat is suitably protected against "G" forces.


  2. What's with bonfires on Halloween?  I always thought it was turnip lanterns and creating havoc round the neighbourhood,  …….at least it was when my kids were young.  This "Trick-or-Treat" nonsense hadn't arrived then either, thank heavens.

    I'm sure Bonfire Night always used to be on November 5th as well, come rain or shine, now it seems to be a week either side.   God I sound like a (female) Victor Meldrew don't I?  "I don't Belieeeeeve it"

    • Turnip lanterns and an old sheet draped over the head!  The Good Old Days.  Now it's all fucking zombies.

      November 5th is Guy Fawkes which for some reason has never caught on here.  I'd have thought any excuse for a little extra mayhem would be welcome, but I assume it's too British.  And don't forget – fireworks are ILLEGAL in Ireland.  Fucking Nannies.

      • Luckily they told the 'RA fireworks were illegal-as was Czech plastique!! That really worked.

  3. a record setting 5 kids, all from the neighbour…will say they did put effort into their costumes, hand made but I may as well not have bothered and just dropped off sweets to them on the way home. It ain't like the old days and I weep for their childhoods bubble wrapped fragile things.

  4. Kids'll grow up in a coccooned nanny state and turn into twentysomething football holligans – or worse set up an Irish version of the EDL.

  5. GD, we are not breeding a generation of Zombies.

    We are breeding a Gubmint controlled generation of Worker Taxpayers for The German Bankers.

    What we'll actually get is the crap of the crop (because all of them with brains will have pissed off years before), the crime, social problems etc.


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