Remind me — 8 Comments

    • No.  Definitely not on the list.  I think I vaguely remember something about that in the past though?

  1. I hope you don't class my plea to be rescued from the Spam bin as one of those 5!  

    If you're anything like me your distant memory is still perfect, even to the point of remembering things from childhood you'd rather forget….

    • Damn!  You're right.  SIX interruptions.

      Ask me what I had for dinner on the 18th March 1965 😀

      Don't ask me what I had for dinner yesterday.  🙁

  2. Memories are made of this…  Ever noticed the men and women's memories work in completely different ways?  Point to anything in the house and her indoors can tell you when and where we bought it, how much – and even why.  Could be over forty years ago, but she still remembers.

    Me, I can't remember anything about purchases, meals, or even people's names.  But I do remember unfailingly the way to any restaurant/pub or other location I've ever been to, including places from the early 1960s.  And how to fix the ancient car so that I can get there.

  3. When we spoke on the telephone you said that it was about your dog, but I cannot remember what you were going to write.

    At least, I think that it was you.

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