Dehydrated water — 16 Comments

  1. Dublin City Council are obviously as thick as Irish politicians and possibly thicker than Wicklow CC if that is possible!

  2. "We grow our own in the central boglands, and export any surplus to the UK."

    And many to the US of A where they usually become president!

  3. "When is this complete insanity going to end?"

    Not until the loonies are put back in the loony bin!

    i.e. Never!!!!

  4. This current shortage, (for whatever reason) raises an interesting question though. When they start charging for it as a State monopoly, what happens when they can't supply? Any business that loses money as a result must surely be in a position to sue them? Any illness due to a lack of cleanliness would surely be down to a lack of precious water wouldn't it?


    This water charge could cost us all billions yet, (that we no longer have).

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