Google’s bloomers — 11 Comments

  1. From now on, unless they are nakedly unaware, all self respecting gentlemen must hang up their polkadotted or striped boxers to dry in their greenhouses. Opaque glass is needed, so apply for grants to purchase same to the Department offering house improvement funds.

    • What have gentleman's undies to do with it?  Mind you – damn good idea to make Herself hang her smalls [Hah!  That's a joke] in a greenhouse.  It'll mean shifting some of my prized specimens to make room, but what the hell….

  2. Many's the time I've told my OH that her ass is out of this world, looks like it is true in your case!

    • Of course.  She sleeps in the shed.  She complains occasionally but I just point out that it's more comfortable than the coal hole.

  3. Well phooey! I cranked up Google Earth and looked at Head Rambles manor from 3 different angles (two were street view) and there weren't any bloomers in sight. I know I head the location right because when I tried the gate it was jammed.

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