God Mark II — 12 Comments

  1. It's a great shame that the whole debacle wasn't (video) recorded and broadcast on national TV. Or even YouTube, from whence it could have been disseminated far and wide. If Joe Public had any idea of the attitude of the swivel-eyed fanatics who are driving these repressive laws curbing freedoms, they would perhaps be a little less supine.

    • I hear rumors that a video of the whole debate may appear soon.  If it does, Crown is going to regret his little hissy-fit!  There again, he won't see anything wrong with his actions.  God is always right.

  2. You can make no mistake about this if Nigel Farage from UKIP was secretly filmed behaving being an arse toward people in a similar fashion to Crown, then this would have featured on this evening news.

    • The problem with Crown is that the Irish media just love him. By all accounts he is an excellent surgeon – possibly the best cancer surgeon in the country – and he plays that card to the crowd.   People rarely get to see his darker side which is a great pity.  They do get to suffer from the fact that he has the ear of the lawmakers here.  He is the one pushing for plain pack and the ban on smoking in cars.  His is a fanatic of the worst kind.

  3. Sadly Grandad, I was there to watch God Mark II in full flight. It was akin to watching the All-Blacks doing their "Haka" and then the whole team just walks off into the crowd and sits with their backs to the field and the bemused other team for the duration of the match. The other team limbers up, trots about a bit as the crowd boo's them for some odd reason. 


    Then when the ref mercifully blows the final whistle, the All-Blacks trot back on to the media with their observations on how badly the other team played. Crown is fucking disgrace and must be an embarrassment even for the extreme Tobacco-Haters themselves, though O'Meara is not far behind him.

    • Was there anyone there filming proceedings apart from God's lap-dog Shane Conneely?  I would love to see the whole thing go up on YouTube!

  4. I understand that the iEA have been given the green light to post the whole thing on their website soon.

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