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    • Sweet Jayzus!!  Formaldehyde?  The very stuff they brag is in cigarettes?  So formaldehyde is lethal in cigarettes but healthy in vaccines?  As for mercury – that is insane.

      The budget was more of what we're used to –

      Telephone allowance scrapped for OAPs

      Medical Cards to be reviewed and removed from those who need 'em.

      The standard 10c hike on fags and booze [apart from wine which is even more].. The White Van Men are partying. in the streets.

      Children's  Allowance reduced.

      Unemployment Allowance reduced.

      Increased tax on savings.

      Basically the same old story – hammer the old, the sick and the kids.  But they did give free medical care for all children under 5, even for those parents who can well afford to pay.

      In other words, the same old shuffling of the deckchairs on the Titanic.

  1. The total look of disbelief last year when I told the nurse I didn't want a flu jab was a picture. I was offered statins this year – told them I didn't want them either.

    • It baffles me why anyone would be willing to have anything injected directly into their bloodstream, unless they know exactly what's in it. 

      • They would say that, wouldn't they? 

        "The current researchers did though find a 9% risk of diabetes in statin users" and they call that a "small increase in risk"?  I would have thought that one in ten is quite significant?

        • My late mother had inflamed veins in her head  which manifested as two itchy areas on her ehad and slight hair loss where the itching occured, according to her GP. He advised statins as the solution. To be fair the intense itching stopped almost immediately. However he prescribed 8 tabs as the daily dose for three weeks when he then reassessed her. It then took 12 months to reduce the 8 tabs a day down to one.
          My mam was of the 'you must trust the white coats as they know what they are doing'  generation but the madness is that six months in a blood test showed increased bllod sugar levels aka diabetes and the quack (for that is what I think he was) assigned her a diabetes nurse who totally ignored the diabetes causing statins!
          Sad to say back then I wasn't as aware as I am today but I have no GP.

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