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  1. It would certainly make sense to have the medical card and the free medical treatment means tested.

    And doctors getting paid for everyone on their books is utter madness.

    • It's the old story – it's our money so they just throw it away and then tax us further when they run out.

  2. I thought Ireland  has a system like the UK? Who has to pay for treatment at the point of use? Is it expensive? I am curious as it would  never occur to me to have insurance visiting Ireland, maybe I need to  think   again.

    • Unless you have a Medical Card you pay the doctor, cash on the nail [anywhere between €50 and €90 per visit].  A visit to A&E also costs a nominal sum though I'm not sure what it is [€10? €20? €40?].  Treatment in A&E is free if you survive the waiting lists which usually involve sleeping on a gurney for a couple of nights.  As far as I am aware, they don't charge for the MRSA.

      As far as I am aware, visitors from other EU countries avail of the system under the terms of their home arrangement, so you would be treated as if you were an NHS patient.

      Rumour has it that continental hospitals all have tin sheds out the back for treating Irish people – just like home!

  3. I have to agree. Medical cards for all children under 5 is just a waste. I'd prefer to see a mean tested refund scheme  instead.  My wife says this couldn't have come at a better time as we have a new born baby. But I know we would  be fine without it. I'd rather that my taxes go on something that's of use to the country. There are people like me who will obviously feel the empty pockets when a doctors visit is required but we'll survive. There are people out there who really need a medical card for under 5's but there are also people out there who bring their kids to a GP for every scraped knee. I just think this was a way of winning over the public while with the other hand they were robbing us blind.

    • Medical cards for children and Children's Allowance should both be means tested.  They are just throwing money away on the feeble excuse that it's "too difficult to implement".  It's strange that they were able to implement a complex home tax, and install water meters?

      I agree – just a sop to keep the peasants happy.

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