Tunnel vision — 7 Comments

  1. Bravo, Grandad, she (or her party) has my vote each time we have an election.

    It will be interesting next year at the European Elections.   At the moment the NF (Marine le Pen's party) has 24%;   The UMP (Sarkozy's party) 23% and the PS (party Socialists 21%.   I can't wait for hearing the squealing from the UMP and PS.

    • I would love to see a pan-European vote on the future of the EU.  It would be very interesting to see just how many ordinary Europeans want this monster that has been created. 

  2. Wow, am I surprised!  I would have thought that the liberal, progressives who read your ramblings would have castrated you by now for daring to agree with someone like Marine LePen.  She is seen as a fascist because her father was one.  She has taken her party to the intelligent right.  Her party, as I see it, bears little difference from the UKIP, though I think Nigel may not agree with me.  Her main point that Europe is a collection of separate co-operating countries seems dead on to me.

    • My attitude is that I don't really give a damn if she is a rabid fascist who wants to send all cat owners to the gas chambers.  Once the EU has been broken up, she is free to spout whatever philosophies she likes, and if she's in the French ruling party, well – that is democracy.  The prime focus though has to be on halting the forming of a Soviet Europe.

  3. All kinds of people have doubts about EU policies and the operation of its prime institution. Some Eurosceptics have additional social and economic baggage that members of the public may find reprehensible. When 'mainstream' politicians, media people and prominent arbiters of public taste all gang up on the candid discussion of controversial matters of public concern, such as EU policies, immigration and multiculturalism, they thereby suppress public discussion and hand over a monopoly of comment and campaigning to NF, UKip and similar organisations elsewhere. Comment is free, but there is a tendency in contemporary 'liberalism' that binds this freedom with the shackles of politically correct attitudes and jargon. When the liberal intelligentsia control the public language they control the pubic.

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