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  1. In my final year thesis decades ago, I did use the quote about the only two things you must do:

    Death and Taxes

    Good luck in your endeavours to avoid them both

    • They say those are the only unavoidable two things in life. I disagree.  Death, yes, but taxes?  I'll say nothin'.  Heh!  😈

  2. I totally support your point of view. At one time many years ago I wanted a commission in the R.A.F., after completing a weeks course (I thought with flying colours) the assessment board said no. Reason – can't take orders. After thinking about it I realised they were right. If you ask me to do something I'll probably do it. tell me or order me to do it and you've no f"""""g chance !!

    • I confess the older I get, the worse [better] I get – the more people order me, the more I rebel.  My first question is always "why should I?" and if I don't get a satisfactory answer, they get the finger.  "Because I say so" is no fucking answer!

      • Are you likely to be suffering from Benjamin Button syndrome? What you describe is so similar to what I regularly hear from my seven year old – without the 'fucking' bit ( so far)

        • Seven years old and he's not yet using the full rich range of the English language?  He needs a drop of tuition!

  3. I will do everything in my power to avoid seeing a "Must See" film.  Perhaps they are playing a wee game with us.  Maybe they really want us to watch the one's they say are crap and avoid the one's they say are brilliant.  The films that critics say that are crap are usually the best films available!  🙂

    • Playing the Double Bluff?  My technique these days is to take a quick trip into IMBD.  That's usually a pretty good guide and quite often gives a trailer which is very handy.

  4. Given that I download all the films I watch, it matters not a jot to me what they say about them. If at ten minutes they get the thumbs-down, I delete and download something else. In reality, I have a huge backlog of stuff I haven't watched yet – hundreds of gigs of the stuff, so I can pick and choose. Classics, recent releases, the whole gamut. Any exhortation to 'must see' goes in one ear and out the other. If I want to watch it, I will, and I'll make my own judgement. Either way, it costs me nothing.

    • Where would we be without the old Interweb?  I have my little box in the back room beaming out its little signal with God knows how many films on it.  One of these days I must do some tidying.  The damn thing is only a Terrabyte in size…..

  5. "The Must See Movie of the Year", usually denotes that I'll go see something else and maybe, just maybe I'll add it my Netflix queue and wait until it comes out there.

  6. It's the same with books – almost! The cover of nearly every paperback these days says "No.1 Best Seller".

    They can't all be No.1 best sellers.

    • They can if they are broken down into genres.  For example my book was a Number 1 Best Seller in the category "Books written by old bloggers in Wicklow"?

  7. I haven't been to an actual movie theater in years (decades?). I lost too many sneakers because I couldn't get them unstuck from the theater floor. So I tend to see "must see" movies a couple years after they've gone to DVD. That way "must see" movies aren't really "must see" any longer, they're more like "should've seen". I find "should've seen" movies much more enjoyable, don't you?

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