Lube Day — 8 Comments

    • Anyone who has ever seen a child's windmill-on-a-stick will see the science there at work.  The problem is though that they have to make them with minimum drag or else the fucking things blow over!  In other words, it's a technology that can never ever work efficiently.

      • There that took your mind off the theft for a minute or two.
        Now watch this guy, found him today he's good.

  1. Tomorrow the lefty Richard Barrett Brown will make mincemeat of the smoked salmon socialist Labour boys and girls. It's bangers and mash politics from now on in the key Dublin marginals.

      • Halloween is coming soon. A time for magic and bangers imported from Northern Ireland. Then in England they celebrate Guy Fawkes with bonfires, bangers and rockets. Dennys can't be on your mind then?

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