The seven year itch — 15 Comments

  1. So you're 3 months older than me!  You were one of the first blogs I read along with, Letter to America, Sweary Lady, Grannymar, Jefferson Davis, West Virginia Surf Report and Bock the Robber.  There are only a few of us left.  Here's to 7, no 14 more years of Headrambles!!

    • 14 more years?  Fuck no.  I'd be nearly in my eighties.

      Indeed it's sad how many old friends have dropped by the wayside.  I shall raise a glass in their memory.

    • The problem with that is that it only provides the text.  Sure you can find that in the archives here?

      I must have a hunt to see if I can find any of the old designs!

      • The waybackmachine normally makes a good fist of recording the pages 'as is'. Drops a few images to be sure but layout is usually preserved. However with your venerable site it has dropped the layouts and preserved the images. Go figure as the colonials say.

  2. I'll be ten years blogging next May.

    It's therapy for me. If I could get a proper job, I think I would call it a day

    • I was reluctantly introduced to blogging only earlier this year but wholeheartedly agree with the therapy analogy.


      • Just think – only another six and a bit years to go before you catch up.  Don't worry – time flies when you're having fun.  And it could be worse – you could be trying to catch up with Ian?

  3. Oh Gawd (whoever He or She may be).  Is this a signal for the end of your blogs?  Following your recent holiday, I detect a desire to rest awhile.  As I have said before, each morning I take my tablets and turn to you for a dose of common sense.  Please keep going for a few more years. We need your expertise to restore sanity here.

    Seven years is nothing.  I've been doing it for over forty years.  Relax, enjoy your life, and please keep us up to date on your musings.

    • No.  No signal as yet.  I did contemplate a rest over the past month or two but the finger-itch always gets in the way. 

      And what the hell have you been doing for the last forty years? 

      • Taking money from gullible people, convincing them that  I knew more than they did. Ain't life grand?

  4. Well, congrats and all that. Seven years and it seems like yesterday when you first started out.

    Okay, so it doesn't really seem like yesterday but it sounds like something I should say at this juncture. Very glad you decided to keep going. I'm not sure what I would do if I couldn't swing by and "comment bomb" you once in awhile.

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