They are reading my mind — 14 Comments

  1. Don't you sometime get the overwhelming urge to grab the feckers by the back of the neck and slam their faces rhythmically into the desk before them, chanting, "Stop. Putting. Words, Into. My. Fuck. Ing. Mouth" as you you do it? I do … 🙂

    • That conjures up an extremely gratifying image.  In fact it's the kind of image one could use to go to sleep.  Much better than counting sheep?  The rhythmic thud of hollow head on hollow desk…..

    • I wish we could do that in the states.  There's a few I'd like to rhythmically slam against a desk. 

      • There's someone I'd like to rhythmically slam against a desk now that I think about it…

  2. Why do we need Kevlar vests ? Do they have new gun laws in Ireland? Did you buy an AK45 or something?

  3. One of the local Fianna Fail cunts came up to me today and asked how it felt to have crossed over to their side? I humored the cunt and asked him what he meant (Already Knowing), he said, as I had voted No I was now on the Fianna Fail side. I quickly pointed out to the Knobend that I was always on the No side, that I had voted that way because I have a deep belief in preventing a totally corrupt Government eroding even further what little democracy we have left in this country. He looked at me like I had two heads, I asked him why he had voted No, he said cause that was the way Micheal Martin told him to, enough said…Anyway I heard Merkle phoned Kenny after the result and told him to "make those fuckers vote again, same question, same vote just tell them it's about jobs or some shit, they fell for that the last few times" so it'll be Seanad p2 soon enough.

    • I don't think we'll see a rerun of that one.  Dame Enda got a nice bloody nose and I doubt if he'd have the guts to run it again.

  4. I really smiled reading an article in the Irish Times on Ten Reasons why people voted against abolition of the senate. Why the feck didn't the IT publish that article three days before the vote? Then the majority against would have been shattering.

    • The article writer claims to read the voters' minds post hoc. I will be impressed only by ante-post mind reading dammit.

      • I read that.  What he listed were ten reasons for voting No, which is fair enough.  To claim that they are the actual reasons brings us back into mind-reading territory again.

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