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  1. GD I actually do think that children are getting fatter but so too are adults – at least in the UK and USA they are.

    But I don't think it's down to fizzy drinks, more likely, as you say stuck in front of the television or Playstation,but I'm also convinced a lot of it has to do with the growth in fast/convenient food outlets and lack of good old home cooking.

    Anyway, as you say, just another excuse for a so called "health tax".

    • Yes, kids are slightly more "rotund" these days but to talk of an "obesity epidemic" is a load of rubbish. I see kids every day and granted a few of them could lose a pound or two but the rest are fine healthy kids.

      These health fascists are just hooking on to one item at the moment, but if they have any success with this, it will be the fast food outlets, food in the supermarket and whatever they think they can get away with next.

      I have no problem with these people putting forward their points of view and "educating" people, but this so called Nudging and interfering in people's own choices is wrong.  Adults are adults and they should be free to do as they wish without some nagging Nanny State treating them like children.  If I want to drink five gallons of fizzy orange every day then that is my business and not the fucking state's.

      Personally I have no time for fast food outlets and will avoid them like the plague.  I think their food is shit and their garish bright plastic and "happy happy have a nice day" attitude obnoxious but that is MY opinion and it is not my right to tell any business how they should run their business, where they locate or what they sell.  It is not the state's business either.  Their function is to serve, not bully.

    • As in "Royal College of Physicians of Ireland"?  Heh!  Must be a hangover from the old days.  They probably keep it for the snobby value.

      • That did cross my mind but its coming to something when the word Royal 'means something' in a Republic.

  2. I'll drink to your sound debunking of the demands of the RCPI policy group Grandad; and I'll treat myself to a bar of chocolate or two into the bargain. As for fizzy lemonade – it makes a good splash in a double Jameson on the rocks sometimes, and Jameson never caused obesity.

    • Isn't chocolate supposed to be very good for you?  Or was that yesterday's research?

      Lemonade in Jameson?  Good God!  Sacrilege! 

  3. This is what happens when they successfully demonize one group they will come for another and then another and then another till they have taxed everything for our benfit next it will be violent games i absolutely guarantee it 

    • There are those of us of a certain "lifestyle persuasion" that have seen this coming from a log time back.

      We warned 'em.  Would they listen?

  4. While you think fast food taste like shit these kids that grow up with it learn to prefer it.Resently a School had to switch back to   serving a hamburger patty that includes 26 ingredients(Sugars one) because the kids didn't like 100% whole beef.Drink one coke a day and a kid will consume fifty pounds of sugar in a year.The sugar cartel has been fighting research for decades.Now I myself think each of us should be able to do want we want concerning our own diets but to have research thwarted by a company because the truth could hurt their bottom line is shit.How 'bout a level playing field?

    • Welcome William!  I did say that was very much a personal preference.  I am fond enough of my sugar, salt, spices and whatever other flavourings people want to throw at me.  I do take your point though that taste is a something that develops over time and can be hard to adjust.  I also agree wholeheartedly that the playing field should be level.  I can just hear these "health advocates" demanding that the soft drinks industry be kept away from the discussion table, so that what we end up with is a completely unbalanced, one sided view.  Let all research be put on the table from both sides, and let's watch the sparks fly!

    • My good lady is a 'dinner time supervisor' (pc title if ever there was one) at a local primary school and she is livid as she sees bland and boring but 'healthy' food cooked in the morning get slopped on the kids plastic trays to sit there for ten to twenty minutes and then moves into the slop bucket to be put into the garbage and from there into landfill.
      The cooks, teachers and head can all see what is going on but none of them do anything because 'the government rules' cannot be broken.
      No salt. no sugar food that cannot even be fed to pigs.
      What a shithole England has become stuffed full of people scared of their own shadow.
      My good lady has spoken to all concerned and they all say they can do nothing except try and get the kids to eat the stuff…

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