Plain packs in Ireland — 16 Comments

  1. What colour does the wanker propose for the plain packets?. I'm rather partial to a plain manilla, or an off white.

    • I don't think he has said, but presumably he will follow Australia and make 'em a drab olive green.  Personally I couldn't give a shite apart from having to check each pack individually to be sure I'm buying the right one.  I always decant into a pouch anyway.

      • I did hear him on the radio referring to a brown/mauve colour – probably Morning Ireland

  2. It's always a tad depressing when you realise that people who are in a position to make life even more difficult that it already is are in fact demented fuckwits. As you point out, it never occurs to these self-righteous morons that most smokers don't actually want to stop smoking – they enjoy it, and see no good reason why they should be coerced into eschewing the pleasures of tobacco. That "90% of smokers want to quit" is utter tosh generated by polls fielding loaded questions. But I am sure 90% of smokers would like the coteries of hectoring, finger-wagging nannies to just fuck off and leave them in peace. And as for banning alternative boxes to decant your fags / baccy into, to quote from Dick Puddlecote's blog:

    "A ban on small plain boxes, eh? Well, best of luck in drafting that particular legal document, sunshine."

    It really makes you wonder how someone with an apparent IQ of sub-60 managed to get to be Health Minister. Or perhaps I'm missing something – maybe it's a prerequisite for the position?

    • If some halfwit approached me in the street and asked if I wanted to quit I would more than likely say yes just to get rid of them.  Most people when answering questionnaires give responses that are slanted towards the "correct" view.  I do it all the time.  Though in my case it's just to screw the figures.

      As for Reilly and his action against boxes – that just shows how deluded the bloke is.  He really seems to have a God Complex.

  3. "90% of smokers want to quit" because cigarettes are the only product that have an 800% tax on them. 20 smokes in Ireland should cost , at the most, about 2.00 euros at the counter.  Fatso Reilly, prick that he is, jacks another 8 euros onto the price , What a dirty clatty fucker he truly is. If he want's to be "healthy" why doesn't do the decent thing and hang himself.

    • If he were to drop dead overnight [not unlikely judging by his very unhealthy looks?] I don't think there would be many tears shed for him.  He is a despicable cunt who will even stoop to using his dead father and brother for propaganda purposes.

  4. Yay for the smugglers!….Over here everyone buys their cigs from the Indians, oops the "Aboriginal Peoples"

  5. How many fuckwits, Irish men and women strong and true, mad bastards voted for this ignoramus?

    • More than half, apparently.  And they say that democracy is the best system?

      Of course as we approach the next election I can guarantee that suddenly the residents of his constituency will find they have been bestowed with all sorts of benefits.  He knows how feather his own nest.

      • As I age, grow a few grey hairs, grudgingly accept my eyes ain't what they used to be I have been come to the conclusion that democracy the form of government, in play in Ireland and indeed on the Bg Island is mob rule. The only democratic system that appears to function for the people on the land is the Swiss model.
        The other dawning has been that governments are for profit corporations which exist to exract profit from the taxed that can only continue to exist by getting ever larger, ever more agressive right up until the moment they go down the shitter.

  6. This Reilly guy needs to meet a streetlamp and some piano wire.  I'll stick to my Indian(Native American) smokes.  Half the price and no taxes paid!


    • Forget piano wire; with that overweight cunt you'd need reinforced steel cable. Not to mention one hell of a modified street lamp.

    • Heh!  A blatant and well rehearsed/scripted piece of advertising, but he is spot on, not only about the pharmaceutical industry but the bans as well.

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