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    • If Costa Rica is like that after two weeks, can you imagine the damage after all these years here?

  1. Yup, definite star quality. There's an unmistakable stage presence about the girl and she oozes personality. If she has no voice at all and can't dance to save her life, I see a big future in a Girl Band or suchlike.

  2. Nope. I'm in the wrong country it says. Considering the events of late I don't doubt it. Otherwise, I'm wondering if she dropped by Sixty's place or not. I didn't notice any posts about him barricading  himself in his basement while she was there.

  3. Thanks for the mention pop. I am a girl of many names deliberately. It's all about accountability, see? One cannot burn bridges if one has not (apparently) crossed them in the first place. 

  4. It's funny (well not really but I shall continue anyway), I was working at a major concert recently where a major 'Merican singer was performing and while I signed in my real name, my REGISTERED name was Kate Macapooloo. This was because the person who forwarded my details must have looked at my facebook profile for correct spelling of my name and didn't think that Macapooloo was at all unusual. Ho hum.

    This meant I could have happily murdered several concert goers and not be held accountable at all.

    As you do.

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