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  1. Now that, GD, is a really elegant pipe. In fact, it almost makes me want to buy one and take up pipe smoking. I did try pipes years ago, but I just found them too much bother. Messy, in that they needed cleaning regularly, and if you didn't clean them you'd get bitter gloop in your mouth. Also, never having been an office worker (except for one brief period in my early 20s), it was never very easy to juggle with my work.

    But that is a truly sensational smoking implement. I congratulate you on your discerning taste.

    • One of the things I like about the pipe is the ritual of filling, cleaning or whatever.  Cigarettes are too instant [apart from the fact that they taste like shite].  A pipe forces you into a slower, more contemplative pace.

      Elie has to be a pipe smoker himself [I actually never asked him!] because he has designed all sorts of weird and wonderful filter systems that remove all the goo and gunk and cool the smoke in the process.  No gloop in the mouth, ever!

  2. Ah, Grandad the wizard is it now? Glad you chose the Shire as I believe it was the majority of the vote? Proves that you listen to your readers. It does you well or at least the part of you we can see in the image anyway. All you need now is a robe and a pointy hat that flops back about half way up.

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