Losing my identity — 15 Comments

  1. Your second point really should be points 1 to 99.

    To associate the country with an insurance company for the duration of these passport designs is so so wrong. For one minute is wrong – let alone six or twelve years for a passport life.

    • I'd let them away with it if said insurance company sponsored all my travel expenses.

      Apart from anything else it is a stupid meaningless fucking name for an insurance company, let alone a sports stadium.

      Maybe I can just tear that page out of the passport?  Or leave it in for use as emergency toilet paper while abroad?

    • Amn't I of an age where I still refer to the Dublin stations as Westland Row, Pearse Street and Kingsbridge! 🙂

  2. A passport with an image of a stadium that looks like a bedpan? Obviously pisses you off.


    Sorry…couldn't resist. Also, not being Irish I'm really not able to say much else? I mean, I had to something.

  3. If you had been good little Europeans and made less fuss about silly outmoded ideas like privacy and freedom your government would have introduced a biometric citizens ID card. Then you wouldn't need a passport. It's all your own fault!

    In any case it will be an EU passport. All official EU documents, coins and bank notes have unimportant non-specific symbols and designs, like buildings, bridges etc, they do that to reduce national identity.

    Hideous isn't it!

    • Apparently it has the national anthem printed in it.  Maybe it will play it whenever it's opened?

  4. Aviva tried to have the name of Lansdowne Road DART station changed to Aviva Stadium. That's the kind of thing PR companies do. Iarnroid Eireann told them fuck off with themselves.

  5. Whatever happened to the idea of having something to be proud of on the notes, etc. It reminds me of a Polish city I worked in for a while. They were forever going on about their small monstrosity of a bus station – because it was the only distinctive thing they had (apart from post-WW2 pogroms against local Jewish returnees). Is Ireland so bankrupt of ideas to feel the need to brag about a stadium?

    • You can be sure that Ireland had no say whatsoever in the design.  It's all part of the process of "denationalising" EU states.  We are not allowed a unique identity and have to make do with something that we can call our own but which is in fact common to most countries.  It would be the equivalent to the English Bulldog or NI's H&W cranes?

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