Global Warning — 12 Comments

  1. And they're off…………… !  I was wondering when this latest outburst would appear from the weenie greenie / carbon tax collectors. They musty have all been on holiday until now. Us blasphemers had better watch our ozones!!!

    • At least they're 95% positive they're not sure?  Apart from that 95% figure, isn't there a humongous air of deja vu about the report?

  2. I am 95% sure that the IPCC are 95% sure that they are 95% sure that God who,  if He actually was in His heaven, would be 95% sure that humans are complete whack jobs.

    That being said, I'm 100% sure that I couldn't care less what the IPCC says.

  3. Doesn't matter this "report" will be picked apart as the last one and less and less people will care.They cant even explain the current 16 year lack of heating apart from some hand waveing about deep ocean heating that low and behold they cant prove they just go on faith that its happening or the increase in Antarctic ice or the fact the Arctic ice sheet is most certainly not gone like the nut jobs where predicting etc etc etc.  Good website for this sorta thing 

    This organization is down right evil politically motivated think tank thats killing our economy and people its sick  

    • I see the way they get around the lack of warming over the last sixteen years by somehow claiming that anything under thirty years is just "weather" and not "climate"?  Talk about shifting the fucking goalposts!

      • Worse thing is you still will have the die hards who will just nod and believe that crap where as anyone with some sense will look at it and see nothing but double speak to hide a inconvenient truth

  4. What a load of bollocks! The church has got its cassocks in a twist. While human civilisation has evolved with countless different belief systems, worshipping countless Gods with varying degrees of fervour, one undeniable scientific fact remains. The world, extending as it does to the infinite reaches of space, is bigger than people. If life was a pack of cards, it is the world that holds all the aces. It is the world that is the ultimate dictator. It is the world that ultimately grants or curtails individual liberty. In this respect, people of all classes and creeds are on a par with lower life forms. Freedom of movement is only possible within the constraints of the human habitat, a habitat that we are still exploring and evolving to occupy as a result of the Industrial Revolution.

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