The Last Three — 15 Comments

  1. Don't get a lot of those in Tunisia.

    Days do get shorter of course but clocks don't change here.

    But I do go home for Christmas so have to endure some for a short while at least.

  2. i'm lucky that me and him ignore christmas, just another day to us otherwise, november to march here sucks, we tend to up the liquor budget a bit to get through.

    • Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker, huh?  I just wish they'd hurry the fuck up with this Global Warming they keep promising us….

  3. I hate winter!  I hate cold weather!  I hate cold, wet weather!  I hate the months of October, November, December, January, February and March.  I hate brisk mornings and a bracing chill.
    Give me summer.  Let me wear shorts a tshirt and flip-flops.  I'd rather sweat than shiver.
    I hate winter!


    • At least from January onwards, the days are getting longer and there is a glimmer of a faint hope that the weather might warm up soon?

  4. I'd rather have seasons. I lived for too many years in southern Florida. Down there they had early summer, mid summer, late summer, and just like summer. Idiots putting decorations on palm trees and pink flamingos. Of course the birds would try to fly away. 

    Having said that I would prefer cold and snow to cool and rain. 

    • A very fair point.  I would hate it to be hot and sunny every day of the year.  However I would settle for eleven months of long days and warm sunshine with one month of deep crisp snow.  Is there anywhere that has a climate like that?

      • No. But there are places in South America where you can live in any type of weather you wish just by changing your location from a valley to the top of a mountain. Just make sure you pick a place where the mountain has a shallow slope–easier climbing.

  5. Ah well, I don't mind the cold, fog, snow or freezing sleet; they cheer my miserable Scots soul, but I have a coping strategy nonetheless.

    Pull up the drawbridge and cordially invite the rest of the world to go and fuck 'emselves… 🙂

    • Not a bad idea.  So from the first of next month, my only contact with the Great Unwashed will be to scribble here and to order in the weekly ration of whiskey.  That should see me through?

  6. If it wasn't for the massive fuel bills, I'd love winter.  Otherwise, I quite like the frigid weather.  I don't care for the ice and the idiots that slide into each other.  But, there are plenty of eejits all year round.  We're going to have a rough winter this year.  On the plus side, the below zero weather will prevent people from going out and singing carols!  🙂

  7. When winter arrives, I always tell myself (and everyone else) Summer is on the way.


    I like all seasons. It's pointless otherwise.

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