End of Days — 18 Comments

    • You have a URL?  Or are you just going to register one for the headstone [retrospective nerd!]?

      Indeed I often think of BTD.  He was a regular here and it was one hell of a shock – a normal post followed the next day by an RIP.  Makes you think?

      As for my headstone – "Here lies Grandad who is Rambling new pastures"?

  1. Yep, I have it all planned, QR code and all. Can't give the game away until the appointed time though!  I was thinking I might get buried standing up. Imagine it,: just like going to the post office for all eternity!

  2. Why not leave the domain name and website to a trusted friend or family member in your will? And give them access to the domain account so at least they'll be able to extend the domain life while the probate process continues.

  3. "Probably the most likely scenario is that the name won’t be re-registered and some enterprising young soul will grab it and set up his own Head Rambles, selling porn and Viagra."

    One can always hope?

    Sounds like you've been thinking again. Never a good thing to do. I have an idea though. Will the site to me and I will keep it running as a memorial to you until the day I pass on as well. I will in turn, will the site to Puppychild who should have, by then, seen enough of life to start brining out the type of cynicism that seems to be present in all of those with Gaelic blood running through their veins. At that point she can do with it what she will.

    Just a suggestion of course.

      • You ain't dead yet, my friend and don't get any ideas about a premature demise. You must live out your allotted life and continue writing your legacy before you shuffle off this mortal coil. This, of course, means I have to outlive you long enough to inherent HR and pass it on to Puppychild. A week should be enough?

        • I didn't say I was dead.  Maybe I just want to retire and do something else interesting, like collecting moths or doing macramé, or even watching paint dry?

          • "Maybe I just want to retire and do something else interesting, like collecting moths or doing macramé, or even watching paint dry?"

            My father had a saying about things like that. "Don't die before your dead."

            'Nuff said.

            My offer is still open though.

  4. A web cam installed in the coffin with solar powered lights. We can finally get to see the real you…  eventually.

    I'll drop by occasionally, say once a year, just to check to see how you're going and if you need anything.

    • Rename the site "What lies beneath"?  Could have possibilities, but I could imagine watching a corpse rotting wouldn't be that interesting?

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