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    • This lot are different though.  Even if there was the remotest chance I wanted to buy their crap, they don't give any way of getting in touch,  No address, no phone number and no email address.  Talk about being dense!  They just keep sending me photographs of their tacky shite.  

  1. Gee, sounds like a sweet deal to me, GD. I'm surprised at you not taking advantage of Caroline, Alice, Claire, Sherry or Whatever's obviously eco-friendly e-cig products, what with you being so keen on sustainability within the green agenda an' all…

    • Today's little effort [excluding picture] –

      "New and hot e-cigarette for you.

      Called protank2, DCT and Tor.

      No matter looks good, use also well.

      Now sell very well. How about you?

      Contact me to know? The answer must be ‘YES’."

      They are really pissing me off.  And the answer is fucking "NO".

  2. I really don't give two shits about e-cigs and all that rot although I do like your response to the whole matter. I'm just commenting to announce that I'm finally caught up with reading all your posts. I got a wee bit behind the last few weeks,

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