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  1. Plus, NSA won't even have to bother with obtaining people's fingerprints. Will be just served to them.

  2. The fingerprint reader is so good some chap has even got it to recognise his dogs paw print!

    Can't recall where I read that so no linky thing, sorry.

  3. Arf! I think I'll stick to the one I've got. It doesn't do that fingerprint thingy (bloody good job too – Jedrzej makes a very valid point about that), and it's not even 'smart', but it does make phone calls and it does send texts; it's waterproof, dustproof and virtually bombproof (without looking like a scaled-down JCB). But best of all, it only cost €130 from some internet phone company in Germany or somewhere.

    Got to agree about those twats sleeping out in all weathers just to buy a fucking phone. Jeezus, don't they have jobs? And if not, how the hell can they afford these overpriced toys?

    Blimey, I must be getting old…

    • Not old – just not gullible.  To be honest I think those people get exactly what they deserve.  They are shelling out a small fortune to buy into an advertiser's version of reality.  They really deserved to be ripped off for every cent they have.

  4. "It has fingerprint recognition security"

    Not such a good idea after all:

    And there's already a crowd funded effort to "hack" this latest bright idea:

    These days only a complete twat rushes out to get the latest of anything – I learned years ago to let them do the development that the manufacturers "thought" they had done. It's better to wait for some months until the bugs have been ironed out…


    • Welcome Microdave!   Indeed, it's like the old philosophy – never install Windows X until Windows X.1 comes along.  This fingerprint thing is pure unadulterated gimmickry.  It is the classic example of getting people to pay for something they didn't even ask for.

      I notice the bounty crowd are only offering $13,000.  They must be expecting to pay out?  Now if Apple offered $13,000,000 I would be a little more impressed!

  5. Sad? Yes, but think about it. These people have been totally brainwashed which shows how powerful advertising can be. We think it’s idiotic to inconvenience yourself for a flashy gadget. What is the difference between them and us? Why are we awake and why are these folks hypnotised like magpies? “It’s bright and shiny and I must have it!”
    I don’t like the word “Sheeple” because they are humans like us who haven’t woken up yet. I’m sure

    • It's just a matter of taking one step back and asking "why?".  They never question anything.  They don't ask themselves if they need something, or even if it will be of any benefit.  I completely agree that it is the advertising industry that has people hooked.  I agree that we are all human together but I find it incredibly frustrating that some people accept whatever crap that is dished up to them, and I'm not just on about advertising!


      • It is frustrating. We just have to accept that the majority of people are asleep, or rather their sense of self has been ruined. Some of us have a hazy feeling that all is not well. But when you think of the incredible wealth which is spent to keep people buying and compliant it’s a wonder there is even a smidgen of wild boar among the swine.

  6. …. we can all remember that one kick in the arsenal that got us thinking, and it is a shame that these phone addicts haven’t had the same treatment. With me it was 9/11 that started the process. But don’t please fall into the them-and-us Sheeple thing, they have been tricked by a very cunning system. There but for the grace of God….

  7. Anyone in the industry knows that you never buy the new release of anything, because the early adapters pay the research premium and report all the bugs for bug fixes to be released. With operating systems, as a rule of thumb, you should only get every second new release and only after it has been available for several months at that. So, queueing to be fleeced and work for nothing for the guys who fleeced you is the height of stupidity.

    • Welcome Jesus [and I never thought I would type that!].  It seems real enough though one never can really tell these days.  Maybe there is some hope for humanity after all?

      • There's always a hope, Grandad. Although I wouldn't put too much of it on the dopey twonks you've highlighted above to be fair….

  8. It gets even worse. A useless waste of life (a reseller) had  quite a lot of homeless people stand in line for him at one Apple store on the promise of payment and then refused to pay them. Fights of course ensued.

    30 years in computers, peripherals, R&D, etc and I'm proud to say I have a 6 year old TracFone that makes and receives phone calls. It also can can send and receive texts but I shut that off when I got the thing and it's definitely not smart. If I ever do get a touch enabled device it will be a tablet and wireless only but I doubt that will ever happen. And it won't be Apple

  9. I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they’d never expect it.

    Jack Handey

  10. According to The Register the fingerprint reader has been hacked already using pretty un-sophisticated equipment!  And Apple have reportedly sold 9 million iPhones over the weekend. That's a lot of gullible (and now poorer) punters…

  11. My mobile is two years old, and it works fine!  It makes and receives calls, and it even allows me to get emails.  That's all I need!  People need to really reevaluate the important things in their lives.  I stopped by the "Apple" store just to see what all of the fuss was about.  There was a guy there with his ver pregnant wife waiting in line to get a 5s.  She was complaining about having to stand so long, but it appeared that all he could think about was getting a new phone.  What is the world coming to?  That is the question.  🙂

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