Happy Clappy Arthur’s Day — 11 Comments

  1. "It just perpetuates the perception that the Irish are just a nation of drunks"

    Well that's another perception blown then, this is not what I have been told.

    I am having a "Happy Carlsberg Day" night tonight.

  2. OK the only principled stance is for some of us to brew our own beer and distil our own poteen. Recipes and lists of basic equipment please. To be called Dynamite Day.

    • I think there may be one or two working stills up the valley.  Good point.  I'll go and check them and see if they are in working condition.

      Basically all you need is hops, barley, sugar, yeast and treacle.  Some use potatoes but I'm not a great potato lover.

  3. I thought at this stage, after reading your blog for such a length of time, that I was able to distinguish sarcastic wit from reality.

    Having checked Christy's website earlier, I admit failure today.

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