Friday the thirteenth — 18 Comments

  1. Voltaire had a happy knack of summing things up nicely …

    “Wisdom must yield to superstition's rules,
    Who arms with bigot zeal the hand of fools.”

    • The strange thing is that I don't think she was in the least bit superstitious.  It was just something she thought was funny and the rest of us didn't.

  2. What is it about women? A bird will fly into the window and the missus will say "Oh dear, this means a death." Three months later some old geezer we met once will die of old age. "See I told you so" she will pronounce with a look of satisfaction , if not glee, on her face.

    • Bloody hell!  We must be due a large scale massacre here then.  Damn birds are always flying into my windows.  Scares the shite outa me when they do it just behind my head.

    • If you're using either Firefox or Google Chrome, in the preferences of either browser to save form data (not passwords). If you clear the browser's cache, history, cookies, etc before you close the browser (like you should), make sure the check box for clearing "Form and Search" history (Firefox for example) is not checked. If you do that all you'll have to do is single or double click in each field (or type the first letter) of the comment form and your name, email address, site, etc should pop up in a drop down menu according to which field you're in. if you use more than one name, etc for different comment forms on different sites they'll all be remembered so you just choose which one is appropriate. Once you set your browser to remember these form entries you'll still have to enter the data once…obviously.

      Too much information? Tough! 😉

    • And the question is ……  do you have festivals for Monday the 23rd?  Or Tuesday the 6th?  They'll all feel very left out if you don't?

  3. I just noticed for the first time that your pic gives me the finger when the cursor wanders over it. Is Another GD correct? Is that just for me?

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